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spotplex 서비스 종료 – spotplex、サービス終了。

말도 많고 탈도 많았지만 많이들 썼고,いろいろあったけど結構人気があって、나름 유용했던 Spotplex.それなりに有用だったSpotplex。5월 9일부로 서비스 종료한다는 공지가 떴다.5月9日でサービスを終了するとお知らせがあった。 이하 사이트 원문.以下、サイトの原文 Dear Spotplex users, We regret to inform you that Spotplex is going offline. This was a very hard decision for us and we are sure you will miss the service as much as we do. Thanks for your support.… Read More »